Turning Complexity into Capability

Our mission is to provide an enterprise-ready platform that empowers financial services firms to process, comprehend, and act upon their unstructured data. We don't just focus on data extraction; our endgame is to drive meaningful business outcomes.

Redefining the Future of Financial Data

We envision a future where financial firms can effortlessly convert mountains of unstructured data into actionable insights. ConvusTM aims to be the cornerstone in this transformation by using advanced AI to digitize dark data, making it not just usable, but invaluable.

About nRoad

nRoad is the result of our founders' long-sought solution to a persistent organizational problem: how to analyze and derive insights from documents and data that lack a standardized format.

Generic, one-size-fits-all natural language processing solutions were inadequate when the volumes of unstructured data continued to spiral out of control and the complexity became substantially unmanageable. The basic idea was that in order to solve the dark data problem, one must first understand the domain and the underlying business context.

In order to achieve our clients' goals, nRoad developed the Convus platform to address their unstructured data problem using a combination of methodologies and approaches. This is because enterprises need bespoke solutions.

Pioneering a New Paradigm in Financial Data Management

Convus is an AI-powered Natural Language Processing platform designed explicitly for the financial industry. Developed by experts with extensive experience in multiple generations of AI solutions, our platform "understands" the entire document, is context and domain-aware, and handles data's volume, variety, variability, and velocity with unmatched efficiency.

From Data Dead-Ends to Business Breakthroughs
What Convus Does?
Making Data Work for You

Convus focuses on solving the real-world challenges of financial services firms who struggle with unstructured data. With purpose-built engines for Data Consumption, Contextualization, Comprehension, and Communication, we provide a holistic solution that is way beyond mere data extraction.

Generalization, Flexibility, and Extensibility

Our platform's inherent flexibility allows it to adapt and conquer new document types, ensuring your investment today

How Convus Does It?
A Symphony of Advanced Algorithms and Practical Applications

At the heart of Convus lies a decentralized, service-driven architecture that's built to integrate seamlessly within enterprise platforms. Our use of Neural Networks, Deep Learning, Knowledge Graphs, and Natural Language Generation is not just technical jargon but the backbone of a system designed for scalability, reliability, and performance.

Financial Statement Processing
ESG Data Compilation
3-Way Merchant Statement Reconciliation
Lending Operations
Who We Are
A Symphony of Advanced Algorithms and Practical Applications

Our founding team comprises experts who have worked on multiple generations of AI solutions.

With backgrounds ranging from data science to enterprise software development, we bring a multi-dimensional skill set focused on delivering an enterprise-ready, outcome-driven platform.

nRoad is just getting started.

Headquartered in Boston, MA, with an R&D center in Pune, India. nRoad is a remote-friendly company.

If you wish to work with a dynamic team solving complex challenges and with BHAGs (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals), please contact our HR Department.

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