Convus™ is a Flexible Platform and Supports Made-to-Measure Solutions to Diverse Use Cases

Enterprises are challenged with an onslaught of unstructured data. The variability, velocity, and variety exacerbates the firm’s ability to optimize their operations.

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Domain-specific Knowledge Graphs allow Convus™ to address the unique needs of Financial Services Firms

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Public and Private Company Financial Analysis

A fundamental analysis of financial statements is a core function across financial services firms. Analysts spend a lot of time working on these due to variability in each statement and auditor’s notes. nRoad has proven to reduce the processing time by 60%.

Global Corporate Action Events Reconciliation

In an average year, there are over half-a-million corporate actions in the US alone. With an error rate over 30%, data vendors and index providers rely heavily on human capital for data accuracy. nRoad’s semantic library and domain-driven algorithms process and reconcile global corporate actions efficiently and effectively.

Alternative Investment Data Analysis

The problem of unstructured data is pervasive in alternative investments, primarily due to a lack of standardized reporting practices. This impacts a variety of downstream activities and results in numerous manual operations and interventions. Using proprietary extraction and comprehension techniques, Convus™ enables “Operational Alpha”.

Commercial and Retail Lending

Commercial and retail lending is a $6 trillion market and with fraud rates hovering at 8%, this is a significant concern.

Mitigating the fraud risk with people alone is risky and expensive.

Convus™ applies deep learning methods to the loan underwriting process to help reduce the fraud risk.

Regulatory and Public Filings

The legal and regulatory frameworks are resulting in companies filing ever increasing data to regulatory bodies. Data buried in these unstructured filings offers actionable insights and potential “investment alpha.” Convus™ can extract insights from raw filings and drive informed investment decision making.

ESG Data Aggregation

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) based investing has consistently experienced a 27% CAGR since 2013, with the current market size being over $720 Billion. However, the industry is facing significant amounts of variability in the underlying data that provides the intelligence to analyze a company’s or municipality’s performance. Talk to us to see how nRoad’s platform can decompose this data into byte size insights.

Concept Mining and Semantic Search

Researchers estimate 80% of the contents of an enterprise data warehouse are unstructured data. Mapping relationships and intelligently searching for patterns in this vast data results in significant productivity gains. See how Convus™ can help add intelligence to your information retrieval processes.

Intelligent Contract Verification

The hidden enemy in an institution’s operations is revenue leakage. CFO organizations are constantly faced with the challenge of vendors not adhering to contractual obligations.

Convus™ can help detect contract violations and prevent fraud and revenue leakeage.

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